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How hoteliers can use simple & proven strategies to enhance customers’ experience & multiply their profits

Cheque in with every check-in

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In the book “CHEQUE IN WITH EVERY CHECK-IN”, Prashant Kumar has shared with you the secrets and time-tested strategies essential for the people in the hospitality industry who can multiply their profits just by the execution of some changes and enhance guest experience and make them to post favorable reviews on social media.

This book will guide you to answer various questions like:

  • Minor changes needed to be made to multiply your profits. Changes to be made in working methods, staff manners and etiquettes, amenities, technology, and food and beverages to give an unbelievable experience to your guests.
  • Treatment given to guests to meet their expectations by providing personalized services from booking till their departure.
  • Usage of different marketing and sales strategies to persuade more guests and multiply your profits.


"Hospitality is not merely a business transaction. It is an experiential, immersive journey of the senses."


You will discover about:

  • Scientific ways to make your presence the most preferred among all
  • How to unearth hidden expectations of your guests and to enhance their experiences
  • Utilizing marketing strategies to suit your requirements and also to attain the next level
  • The focus to be given on guests based on their categorization and prioritization
  • The feasible way of saying NO to the guests so they feel honored and are understood by you
  • The kind of amenities that can be offered by you and their contribution toward your guests unbelievable experience during their stay

“Luxury is the highest form of desire. It varies based on their mood, time, climate, location, circumstance, and situation. In the hospitality industry identifying and fulfilling those desires are luxe services par-excellence.”

Prashant Kumar

“Creating experiences does not only mean providing world-class amenities, but also controlling their emotions and having your pulse on their feelings throughout the customer journey.”

Prashant Kumar


Editor-in-Chief of Champions of Hospitality, Prashant Kumar is a leading authority in the hospitality industry in India. Over the past two decades, Prashant has been successfully overseeing his extensive network of business channels in India and overseas with interests in exports and imports. His major accomplishment has been creating his signature B2B and B2C focused hospitality supplies brand.

A Master in Mechanical Engineering, Prashant has perfected numerous business development programs through focused, continuous learning programs from the best international coaches.

Armed with his in-depth knowledge Prashant designs experiential customer journeys to build revenue resources.

His time-tested strategies shift business operations from struggle to stability.

He regularly offers strategies to help hospitality professionals to empower themselves with the latest trends. His proven strategies can be read on his blog. You can find more on his website.

You will learn everything about:


To engineer excellence in the hospitality sector through carefully designed strategies for improvement, build revenue, and create timeless experiential customer journeys. To foster well-being and offer holistic solutions to the people in the hospitality industry to maintain work-life balance.

“Design and delight your guests with ways that only you know how. The way you provide excellence matters more than the variety of services you offer.”