Cancellation & Refund Policy

I am committed to provide rootless support in your business growth and personal developments. 

Any payment made by you to me is your investment for your betterment and I am here to add maximum value and provide support.

Yes, once you invest and pay me our sessions start and after the first session if you feel that you were looking for something else,
send me an email on with your feedback as well as bank details for online transfer and your full amount will be reversed within 10 working days after deduction of bank charges.
– In case you missed any session, I may give you an extra session based on the agreed time by both of us.
– In case of any cancelation of sessions by me, it will be announced in prior or if it happens because of any technical glitches from my side the session will be repeated.
– Communications made through my e-mail will only be valid.
– If you have chosen a free (without making payment) experience session, you won’t be charged any amount.
– For the customised consultation, once advance is paid, then only my service will start and in case any instalment remains unpaid after the due date, further sessions will be cancelled.

P.S: If your concern is not addressed above, feel free to send me an e-mail and my team will try to clear it for you.

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